About Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence has replaced the un-actionable, static data of written mystery shopping with covert video data that is affordable for all industries. The company has built the world's first reporting platform that deeply integrates covert video with collaborative reporting that is easy to understand and quickly delivers the results the company decision makers need. Eagle Eye's own proprietary Talon Video Mystery Shopping Software is available to clients via mobile, tablet and laptop to give quick and easy access to mystery shopper data. Its customers include convenience stores, grocery stores, clothing retailers and high-end service retailers.

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence is changing every facet of the mystery shopping industry. Through the extensive use of video and our sophisticated back-end system, "Talon," retail and service industry clients are now getting the real results and feedback they need to take their client care to the next level.

For additional information on Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence, visit www.eagleeyeshops.com or call (480) 454-5567

Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence Counts Bashas' Grocery Stores as Satisfied Client

Bashas' has been Arizona's hometown grocer since 1932 when Eddie Basha, Sr. opened the company's first store. Since that time, Bashas' has grown to be one of the most dynamic and well-respected businesses in the valley and its focus on service and quality permeate the company at every level. In striving for the best in customer care, the company has engaged the services of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence to bring a new and cutting-edge level of expertise and client feedback to its mystery shopper program. The results of utilizing Eagle Eye have been overwhelmingly positive for Bashas' in many aspects.

Scottsdale.com speaks with Bashas' Customer Relations Manager, Rob Johnson about the overwhelmingly positive impact that its mystery shopping program is having in its stores!

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