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Come join us at DOMMlife, a lifestyle lounge in Phoenix with cold brew and kombucha on tap, a nail and hair salon, massage therapy and reiki, yoga and live music, and a fantastic staff! You will be able to experience a rare open invite to a members-only lounge and you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with Kevin!

Hi, I’m Kevin McCormick, and I’m running for governor of Arizona. I settled here while the tech industry was booming, and now that my wife and I have two little girls attending public school, I’ve grown extremely concerned about the disconnects I see between the job market and the education system here in Arizona.

Our economy is constantly evolving -- and our schools aren’t keeping up. The overload of standardized testing forces teachers into one-size-fits-all boxes, and Arizona pays them less to do it than any other state in the country but one.

We can’t keep taxing and spending our way out of this problem. It’s not fair to YOU for the government to keep taking more and more of your money, giving it to corporations to lock more people up, and then acting like they can’t possibly imagine where they’d get the money to pay teachers.


I’m running for governor because my kids deserve better than this, and so do yours. I feel like I owe Arizona more, and I’m running as a Libertarian because I believe that you have a fundamental right to live your life the way you want, as long as you’re not harming anyone else.

I’m tired of hearing the two parties say completely different things but then go and do the same things -- both making the government an even bigger bureaucracy. Then each blames the other that they weren’t able to do what they promised to do, and we buy it every time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I have a plan to bring hundreds of thousands of jobs back to Arizona and to give teachers ten times the raise they got from Governor Ducey this year -- without taxing your income, your property, or the food you put on your table to pay for it.


We can have better government in Arizona. A fiscally responsible, socially tolerant government that focuses its resources on the things Arizonans actually want, like paying teachers more, instead of locking up more of our kids than almost any other state.

We’re living in a complicated time. We have some serious problems to solve and a lot of important decisions to make. And I will filter every single one of mine through the lens of YOUR rights, your property, and your prosperity. That is my promise to you.

This isn’t about Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, or any other third-party label. This is about Arizona. Arizona is our home. We are hardworking, honest people trying to build our American dreams here, and we should expect the same from the people we put in charge.


I’m running as the only Clean Elections candidate for governor because I refuse to have my agenda set by PACs and corporations. I’m holding myself accountable only to you, the people of Arizona. And that’s why I want to hear what problems you’re concerned about -- and get your thoughts on some of the solutions I have in mind.

So I hope you'll join me and my team for a meet and greet on Friday, May 18th from 5:30pm-7:30pm to chat about what kind of place we want Arizona to be and how we can make that happen together.

An informal dinner will be provided, and there's no charge to attend. Please RSVP at this link so we have enough food for you:


Feel free to tag a friend who might like to join us. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Have you signed the petition to get me on the ballot? This is the first step, and it takes less than a minute: http://www.kevinmccormickforliberty.com/sign

Hope to see you soon!

  • When: Fri May. 18
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Address: 3123 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016-8015, United States

  • Web: Visit Website