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Ableism & Attitudinal Barriers:

Disability Liberation Workshop

“The biggest barrier to full community participation and employment for people with disabilities might surprise you. It’s not, housing, transportation or medical care. It’s attitude – Ours and others!” Paul Spooner, NCIL Board President 3/2/2000

ABILITY360 – Classroom B

June 25th

10:30am – 2:30pm

(Bring a sack lunch or $4 for Pizza)

"Come and empower yourself. Break through defeating attitudes.” J.H.

“I got answers to some hard questions.” J.S.

"This information empowered me and helped me empower my child." D.R.

Who should come? Anyone with a body!

No one likes to think of himself or herself as “oppressed,” yet we are all affected by negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media and family attitudes. True empowerment comes from:

1) Identifying outside forces that have affected your life through no fault of your own

2) Taking personal responsibility for your choices in the present

We all have stereotypes about disability. Many people without disabilities live in fear of becoming disabled. Others are allies and want to help fight discrimination. First, we must identify what oppression looks like, and then we can work to eliminate it within ourselves and our community.

Workshop goals:

  • Learn to identify how ableism has affected our attitudes about ourselves and our possibilities
  • Learn how to deal with discriminating, fearful, or unaware attitudes of others
  • Identify sources that contribute toward disability oppression
  • Learn how to create empowering attitudes that free one up to take action

Facilitated by Amina Donna Kruck. Amina has provided programs at Ability360 promoting Independent Living and Self-Determination philosophy for 27 years

  • When: Mon Jun. 25
    10:30 am - 2:30 pm

  • Address: 5025 East Washington Street
    Phoenix AZ,US 85034

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