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The Sales Boot Camp is designed for people who are serious about growing their career and making more money. This is not a get rich fast course or how to invest in a pyramid business. This courses will help you master the most important skill in ANY business: selling. It was designed with over 100 years of experience and research to help people become more influential and have the ability to get what they want. Our course will teach you the art of pressure less selling and how to change a person’s mind without manipulation. This course will not just help you grow your career and make more money, it will also help you overcome the fear that comes with trying to influence another individual regardless of the environment.

This course is perfect for those that believe they are NOT good at sales. It is also perfect for the person that simply wants to be more influential and be able to communicate to people properly. If you want to be able to persuade a person to make a change in their life and make decisions that can improve their situation, then this is the training for you.

If you simply want to learn how to sell more of your services and products by helping people make a decision and listen to your recommendations, then this is definitely for you! This is truly the one skill that EVERY person that earns in the top 1% has mastered and we can teach you how to do the same. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in sales and we will help you do this. Just like a nurse learning how to draw blood, or a person learning to ride a bike or anything that is scary. You must learn it LIVE, you cannot master this skill and beat fear by watching videos and reading books.

Our trainings are guaranteed and if you are taking this training to enhance your current role or business, you can write most of it off on your taxes.

If you are wanting to improve your lifestyle, this is the one course that you must invest in. The only thing standing in the way of your success and your ability to make more money is you! So invest in you! No other skill will help you improve your life more than the skill of selling.

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  • When: Sat Jun. 30
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Address: 1101 N 44th St.
    Phoenix AZ,US 85008

  • Web: Visit Website