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Many spiritual teachings tell us that we have lost touch with our original Essence, and to protect ourselves from this pain of existential separation from pure being, we create defenses. These defenses solidify throughout life, becoming our ego structure, personality and self-image.

So part of this inner work is to dismantle this 'armour' that we have created around ourselves. However we need to do so in a method that is perfectly adapted for our own needs, our own pace, our own rhythm, otherwise we risk the chance of further wounding ourselves and/or reactivating trauma.

Healing happens when we touch this Essence, when we bask in our own Soul, our own authentic expression, and we'll guide you there during this experience.

However, as we interact with the rest of the world, sometimes we need armour. If we have shed it prematurely, we are unable to protect ourselves in those situations in which it is necessary.

This 3-hour workshop will include theory from modern Psychotherpy and Psycho-Spiritual traditions, and practices, and exercises to facilitate:

- Seeing your 'armour'
- Gently touching the wounds you are protecting.
- Meet your Soul, your Essence, underneath
- Consciously re-equip yourself with the only the armour that you need

Audio recordings of the guided meditations will be given for further practice and healing.

*Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for personal therapy*

  • When: Sun Jul. 8
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Address: 4385 N. 75th St. #103
    Scottsdale Arizona,US 85258

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