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Inside Sales & Sales Enablement

Are you an SDR/BDR? Do you management SDR/BDR's or just looking to find new ways to grow sales for your organization? Come join us and hear from leading Inside Sales and Sales Enablement leaders as they share what you need to know, what you might not know and what is happening now in the world of inside sales and sales enablement in an interactive panel format.

In this session you will learn:

  • State of Inside Sales
  • Key challenges and opportunities
  • How does sales enablement fit into the modern day SDR/BDR?
  • Hiring & Training best practices
  • SDR Prospecting Enablement (Does the SDR own this at your company? SHOULD they own or should all prospecting be done by the Account Executive? Regardless, how is this supported by Sales Enablement?)
  • SDR/BDR Outreach (Personalize vs Mass outreach, phone vs email, cadence strategy, inbound vs outbound best practices)

Refreshment will be served!


Lauren Baily



A twenty-year veteran of the Inside Sales industry, Lauren has worked as both the Director of Sales and the Director of Training while traveling the world to launch Inside Sales teams. Lauren has worked with in-house and outsourced sales teams selling outbound, inbound, via chat, direct, field-teamed, & channel. Her primary industry experience is in IT, Software, and Distribution. Corporate experience & clients include SAP, Sony, Waste Management, Ingram Micro, Grainger, Microsoft & Google. Lauren founded Factor 8 in 2007.

Andrea Lydon

Andrea Lydon

Director, Sales Development

Andrea's career really started at Salesforce where she worked her way up from an SDR to an account executive during a time of explosive growth for the company. After being a part of the Zenefits whirlwind 2 years back, she came to Gainsight where she revived a defunct SDR program. Starting with inbound team, she now has 1 inbound, 1 outbound SMB/mid-market team, 1 outbound enterprise team, and an inside sales (top accounts) team underneath her.

Bill Hoffman

Bill Hoffman

OpenTech Alliance

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

With a background spanning over 22 years in leadership, sales strategy and how critical initiatives are accelerated by technology and culture, Bill Hoffman serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at OpenTech Alliance. Bill is a passionate and knowledgeable executive with extensive experience in staff augmentation and hiring, sales, sales enablement, customer service, product management and professional services. Mr. Hoffman has always been a believer in the critical alignment of people, process and technology in an organization. Previous experience at Infusionsoft, Topline Strategies, Microsoft and Sage Software and 20 years in the business applications/software industry, allows Mr. Hoffman to share end-to-end business strategies he has learned during his professional career. In recent years Mr. Hoffman, has turned his studies and application to improved cross-functional Sales & Marketing strategies with an emphasis embracing the buyer’s cycle including personality, methods, and process.

Thanks to our sponsors!

Mike Simmons, CatalystSale for providing the meeting facilities and Ben Christoph, Gainsight for providing refreshments.



  • When: Tue Jun. 26
    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Address: 1475 North Scottsdale Road
    Scottsdale AZ,US 85257

  • Web: Visit Website