Event Details

This is Quinn's senior capstone project that he is presenting right before he graduates!

From our choice of music to how we walk, we all coexist in a world of contrast. Contrast provides important context and excitement into many different parts of our lives. gemini is a culminating performance of the embodiment, comparison and contradiction, and parallels of our experiences in life. This work will present the duality and ambiguity that can bring satisfaction, synchronicity, and acceptance within one’s life choices (or lack thereof), along with learning the vulnerability of listening to one’s heart. gemini will use varying movement qualities, text, and sound to explore multiple scenes, which are representative of the choreographer's current life obstacles. It is with recognizing the contrast within his own life that he can then find a new degree of processing perception, style, preference, and reasoning through the lens of a Gemini.

  • When: Fri Dec. 7
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Address: 611 E. Orange St.
    Tempe AZ,US 85281

  • Web: Visit Website