Government Offices

Government Offices in Fountain Hills Arizona

The Town of Fountain Hills Government Offices
With the beautiful McDowell Mountains set as a backdrop, Fountain Hills, Arizona is home to more than 25,000 residents. The Town of Fountain Hills government offices can be contacted in a variety of different ways.

Mayor Jay Schlum can be contacted at 480-816-5107 or at [email protected]

Vice Mayor is Mike Archambault and can be reached at the Fountain Hill’s Mayor’s office or at [email protected]

Fountain Hills Town Manager, Richard L. Davis, can be reached at 480-816-5107 or by email at [email protected] Assistant to the Fountain

Town Clerk, Bevelyn J. Bender, is available at 480-816-5115 or by email at [email protected]

Other Fountain Hills government offices and contacts include:

Economic Development Administrator - Lori Gray - 480-816-5109 or [email protected]

Public Information Officer – Katie Decker- 480-816-5104 - [email protected]

Finance Director-Julie Ghetti-- 480-816-5113 - [email protected]

Deputy Town Manager - Julie Ghetti - 480-816-5113 - [email protected]

Human Resources Director-Joan McIntosh-480-816-5125 - [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator-Heather Ware-480-816-5108 - [email protected]

Director of the Fountain Hills Community Center and Senior Services-Samantha J. Coffman-480-816-5117 - [email protected]

Community Center Events Coordinator-Rino Ghetti-480-816-5116 - [email protected]

Fountain Hills Fire Department Station 1- 480-837-9820 and Station 2- 480-837-0804

Fountain Hills Law Enforcement-Sheriff’s Office-602-252-7840

Fountain Hills Director of Parks and Recreation-Mark Mayer - 480-816-5152 - [email protected]

Supervisor of Parks-Don Clark - 480-816-5178 - [email protected]

Supervisor of Recreation-Bryan Hughes - 480-816-5135 - [email protected]

Fountain Hills Recreation Coordinator - Adult and Youth Sports - Anjelica Giardino - 480-816-5132 - [email protected]

Fountain Hills Recreation Coordinator - Special Interest and Youth/Teen Programs-Kathy Worrell - 480-816-5170 - [email protected]

Fountain Hills Planning and Zoning Director - Richard Turner- 480-816-5191 - [email protected]

Fountain Hills Chief Building Official-Peter Johnson - 480-816-5110 - [email protected]

Director of Public Works-Tom Ward - 480-816-5129 - twar[email protected]

Superintendent of Streets-Ken Kurth - 480-816-5150 - [email protected]

Facilities Supervisor-Don Thumith - 480-816-5153 - [email protected]