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Traveling in Tempe

Tempe, Arizona is a growing metropolitan that houses Sparky the Sun Devil, along with his fans, which include 80,000 plus Arizona State University students. Combine that with Tempe residents and the city is double the size with over 160,000 residents in the last posted census.

Tempe thrives on its culture. It is home to arts, shows, restaurants and the Tempe Marketplace which features 100 shops for both visitors and residents alike. The key to seeing the city's attractions is Tempe's enviable transportation system. The city features a light rail and free Orbit shuttles. An Orbit shuttle, (appropriately named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter) is a small bus that helps people commute free of charge to local hot spots such as shopping areas and other attractions.

People can also use Uber for transportation, a service that allows people to quickly access a ride using the Uber app. The app connects people to a taxi, private car or rideshare using their mobile phone. The app can even detect locations for those unsure of their physical address.

The website is a great resource for finding options for transportation in town, as well as the coolest tourist spots and restaurants. There is a new movement to find eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as scooters. The Urban Commuter is a great resource for finding scooters, bicycles, electric bikes and more to help visitors and residents of Tempe get around with minimal impact on the environment. With warm weather year-round, the city is the perfect place for commuting by bike too. In fact, it has more than 175 miles of dedicated bikeways and one of the highest percentages of people who commute by bike in the country.

ASU is a huge part of the larger Tempe community. Arizona State University students can get around the big campus with ease. There are campus shuttles or students can opt for a U-Pass, which allows them access to buses or even carpooling. Students can go on the ASU website to find options for carpooling as well. No matter what part of Tempe attracts people - the arts, the restaurants, the shops, the University, there is definitely an easy way to get there. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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