Tempe Skatepark

The Tempe Skate park is 32,000 square feet of concrete skating enjoyment. The Tempe Skate park is located within The Tempe Sports Complex in the center of Tempe, Arizona. The Tempe Skate park was designed by SITE Design Group, Inc. It was built in 2005. The park design is a street plaza design with a bowl section. The popular Tempe Skate park is a must stop for any skater in the area.

The majority of the park is designed for street skating. The street section takes up about two-thirds of the park. It is littered with street obstacles including; ledges, kinked rails, low rails, high rails, banks, and stairs. Three sets of concrete stairs are present. A 9-step stair is in the middle of the section with a rail and ledge. The other two sets of stairs are a 6-step stair with a flat bar and a 5-step stair enclosed with a sloped ledge. Two concrete benches are in the park. The street area is designed for the skilled skater to let loose and test their abilities.

The other portion of the park includes two bowls. The bowl design offers enough to satisfy any bowl skater. The bowl edges are pool copings made of concrete and metal. There is even a small section of granite coping. The park's smooth concrete compliments the fast flow design of the bowl section. The two bowls meet at a hip ramp which banks back to the street area. One of the bowls is deeper and provides a pool-like riding experience. It rounds out to an open section that leads to the hip ramp in the middle of the bowl section. The second bowl provides a smooth banking wall and pockets. Both bowl sections provide at least one vertical rise in the form of quarter-pipe extensions.

The multiple street obstacles and bowl area provide a seamless flow to challenge a skaters' skills. The quality of the Tempe Skate park has been recognized as one of the best in Arizona, and several skating competitions have been hosted at the park. Tempe Skate park has been featured in many popular skateboarding videos.

Highlights of the skate park's amenities include the advantages of being in the 60-acre Tempe Sports Complex. The Tempe Sports Complex includes seven soccer fields, 4 baseball fields, a special event area and a dog park. The Complex includes concession stands, bathrooms and provides lights for the skate park. The skate park is open and lit until 10 pm. Admission is free and there is no supervising authority.

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