Top 10 Reasons to Attend ASU

Arizona State University was the largest university in the nation in 2015 and it's no secret why.

The atmosphere that the all five campuses bring to the university and all the events and academics as well as the extra curricular activities bring the college to life and attract students nationwide.

The top ten reasons to attend ASU in no particular order are as follows:

1. Weather

This was an easy one. The weather in Arizona is nothing short of absolutely perfect in the fall and spring months with the end of summer being the perfect time to hit the pool and get a tan. While the weather gets cold at night around late November and December, who doesn't want to pull out their comfy sweaters and curl up with some hot chocolate? Especially for students who come from the northeast or Pacific Northwest where weather equals rain or snow, Arizona is a nice change of scenery where only half of your wardrobe is needed.

2. Diversity of students

ASU is home to a multitude of people coming from all across the globe, with a lot of international students coming to ASU to get their undergraduate degrees, masters, or even attend law school at the Sandra Day O'Conner Law School. Being a student at ASU means you are immersed in a diverse community with all different ethnicities, heritages, cultures, views, opinions, ages, faiths, etc.

3. ASU Athletics

ASU Athletics is a crucial part of the university with the university being in Division I. The Sun Devil Football team has thrived the past three seasons under head coach Todd Graham, the Sun Devil Baseball and Softball Teams have gone on to succeed over the years and the ASU Men's and Women's Basketball teams are equally growing. Camp Fargo, a tradition like no other that started last year, is a camp-out for student tickets for ASU Football games that can last up to six days before the next game. The 942 crew and the Curtain of Distraction headlines the ASU Men's Basketball games and has earned the university national attention with their creativity.

4. ASU clubs

College is a place to have new experiences and meet new people and there isn't a better place to do that than ASU. With so many extra curricular activities and clubs, there is no way you can't find one you want to join. You might even want to join them all! Ranging from cultural clubs to intramurals sports, ASU is home to them all and if you don't find one you like, you can make your own!

5. Cost, Professors, Classes

The cost to attend ASU is one of the best in the country for the education you are receiving from this university. A good amount of your professors are people that have worked in the field you are pursing and classes range from Yoga to Sports Writing to Physics. There is an endless amount of classes both in-person and online.

6. Barrett, The Honors College

Barrett, The Honors College is one of the honors programs in the country that is rising in the ranks and allows students who want to be challenged and given greater opportunities, to enroll. The college allows students to choose their classes before every other student in the university and connects students personally with other professionals in the field they are pursuing. The opportunities Barrett gives students are endless, especially when it comes to internships and being taught by the best professors.

7. Career opportunities

Going along with Barrett giving great career opportunities, ASU has a lot of career fairs that students can participate in and allow student to year-round apply for student worker positions as well as other work offers not affiliated with ASU. One of the main goals for students is to graduate and get a job and ASU does a good job with getting college students ready for their career after college with providing them with opportunities to work and get real-world opportunities while still in college.

8. Multiple campuses

Home to five campuses, ASU lets students explore and be in not just one campus, but a multitude of campuses. Each campus has a different feel and each are home to different focuses of education. Students can travel between campuses as they please through the ASU shuttle system.

9. College town feel

With the main campus of ASU in Tempe, the college town feel is inevitable. With streets such as Mill Ave. being the main attraction for young people to go out to restaurants, sports bars, see a movie, get a snack or socialize, student life is never-ending. On game days, the streets are filled with fans, young and old and College Ave. turns into one big party with music, games and giveaways.

10. Greek life

While off-campus, Greek life is still a crucial part to ASU and student-life. They are housed off-campus in varying locations now, but for 85 years, fraternities and sororities have been a part of ASU. Formals and different Greek events are big at ASU and all students from all backgrounds are welcome to rush in the fall. 3,723 undergraduate students were active members of fraternities and sororities in the 2013-2014 school year.

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